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Everybody needs mentors to guide them through the roads of life.

Empowering One-on-One Sessions

One of the most accelerated ways to get results is through empowering conversations. Having me as your personal mentor will get you moving toward your life’s ambitions quicker than doing it on your own. Our 45 minute sessions will leave you inspired to take big courageous steps to a better future. Click the button to learn more about it.

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Trainer & Speaker

I’ve been teaching and speaking to audiences for over 10 years. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to regularly speak on a variety of topics that inspire and uplift the audience to make thoughtful change and action.  Whether in a group training or conference I will ensure your audience will leave with a knowledge of how to move forward with what they want to achieve. For more information on how to book me as a speaker please contact me.

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Knowledgeable, driven, caring and determination are four words that come to mind when I think about Aaron Osman. He has shared with me principles, knowledge and ways of thinking that have helped me to grow as a Personal Trainer.

His drive inspires me to know and believe that anything is possible when you make a plan and do what it takes to achieve your dreams. I feel genuineness from Aaron and trust that he has my best interests at heart when we are goal setting and discussing personal development.

He always brings business energy to our meetings, but at the same time he is able to connect with me and identify issues that I may be facing in life that need attention. Without that care and observation I wouldn’t have been able to overcome these challenges and achieve some of the major goals in my business.

Claire Rapira Personal Trainer/Health Entrepreneur