The Confident Body Book

Body Confidence is the Harmony of Mind and Emotion

One of the most frustrating experiences anyone with a health and fitness goal can have is working hard to achieve your goal and NOT witness any positive results.

It can be really depressing to see little or no change and FEEL negative about your body despite spending months (even years) and money following advice from trainers and nutritionists. The Confident Body is a quick guide to help you take the stress out of your journey, to help you understand why you’re struggling to lose weight, get fit and feel comfortable in your own body.

Book Overview

Within this book lies specific info you need to get going now and release those negative beliefs that hold you back from achieving a happy, healthy and confident body.

• The 3 major hormones responsible for all the anguish.
• Why you struggle to make lasting changes inside and out.
• How your beliefs shape your body.
• How to identify what created your negative belief system.
• How to release negative experiences that affect your self-esteem.
• How to clearly define your personal journey and align activities with it.
• The one habit that separates progression from frustration.

This is the missing link that will reignite your hope in achieving what you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to redefine your health and fitness journey.

Book Reviews

“Thanks so much for writing this book! For years, I’ve always been told how much stress hinders weight loss. As words like hormones and cortisol etc. get thrown around by trainers, I thought I understood until I read your book.”  –Kerensa Boyd. Auckland, NZ

“I really enjoyed reading this as it got to the point, easy to read. It’s good to see a book that talks more about your emotions can make you “fat” without realising the triggers. Thank you for adding in the steps to help us take back control. Looking forward to many more books from you.” –Nadia Mika. Auckland, NZ

“I think this is a perfect first read on how to get started on a journey of wellbeing.” –Renee Wells. Waihi, NZ

“Aaron’s book gives anybody striving for weight loss or overall health goals some new things to think about!  Aaron provides to evaluate other areas of your life offers a missing link to help you get that confident body you’ve always wanted.”  –Kimberley Buchanan. San Diego, CA

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