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The 3 R’s of a Healthy Mindset

During the last 6 months of my time as a personal trainer, I noticed 13 distinct patterns of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours among a specific group of individuals. It didn’t matter what diet or physical activity they were engaged in, it didn’t yield lasting results.

I set to find out why this group struggled with motivation, developing and maintaining healthy habits and achieving more permanent outcomes. I discovered was these wonderful individuals who truly believed that they couldn’t lose weight, get healthy or whatever, subconsciously acted in ways that would make their belief a reality.

The real discovery was pointed toward certain events that have happened in the past that changed that persons belief into a negative one (e.g. name calling, bullying or mocking).

These negative events shaped their beliefs about what is possible and what they expected the outcome to be in certain situations. When I work with people with their health & fitness journey, it’s important that they go through the 3 R’s of developing the correct mindset for their success. Recognise, release, refill.

First, they recognise the negative things they are saying about themselves, their body, expectations and what events triggered it. Second, they go through the process of releasing the negative emotions associated with those events. And third, they begin the process of refilling their mind with information that strengthens, uplifts, and inspires them to create new positive beliefs about who they are and what outcomes they wish to achieve.

By identifying and releasing those roadblocks that continually frustrate you, you’re able to free yourself from experiencing the same outcomes and create the opportunity to change your beliefs and actions.

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