Overcoming Diet Confusion

A question was asked when I was delivering a health seminar a couple of months ago. The common consent from the group was what diet should they follow, considering all the conflicting information out there. There are a number of different philosophies out there including trends like low-fat, high-protein, ketogenic, low-gi, calorie deficiet etc. and it’s easy to get so overwhelmed by all of these experts preaching their program and ideas.

So I thought I’d share in bite size pieces the important principles of health.

This is not a comprehensive discussion about nutrition. This post is to shift your thinking in the right direction.

The first thing that creates confusion and frustration in consuming a healthy diet is the purpose of food. For many, eating to lose weight sends people towards moderate to extreme dieting schemes so they can get results as quick as possible without truly understanding the basics of cellular nutrition. That’s where the confusion comes in. The focus is on methods not principles.

To make it really easy, your body is made up of cells. Your cells have different functions to perform to generate overall health. If those cells are restricted in resources, they can’t do their job. Over time, they stop functioning probably.

Consider the company you work for as a body. It’s made up of different departments that perform specific functions. Every person in the company has a job to do and needs resources to do it, including people in other departments to fulfill their role. When resources are few and demand for output is high, staff will eventually get sick. If the pressure is too much over a sustained period of time, they’ll quit.

The key is resources which means nutrients. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, have energy for your daily needs, you must supply your cells with as much nutrients as possible. Those nutrients (anti-oxidants, minerals and trace minerals) are found in your veggies and fruit.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to force the body to conform by restricting nutrients and in return the body rebels. It thinks their is a lack so it goes into survival mode (that’s the complete opposite of what you want). By thinking nutrient-focus, you’ll think about getting as much variety of vegetables (resources) as you possibly can in each meal. The more resources the better.

From now on think of consuming nutrient dense food instead of calorie restriction. Think of eating to supply your body with resources to function properly. Focus on health first then your other desires (fit, strong, lean) will come.

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