Is Your Health Balance in Debt or Credit?

On the 3rd of January 2018, I had a flash of insight about health. I saw it like a bank account with transactions going in and out. I wrote it down in my insight journal to use as an illustration of how our daily activities affect our “health account”. Here’s what I recorded.

“Health is like a bank account where one can make deposits and withdraws which lead to either a surplus or a deficit. A person’s habits will lead them into debt and in order to be in credit, one must work hard to clear the debt first. Interest also has its place and can be a blessing or curse depending on your spending or saving habits.”

I found it interesting to see a visual of a person’s overall health and how we can make deposits/withdraws into our health account. Each day we make small choices that affect the total balance at the end of the day. Those small choices (positive or negative) will not seem like much in the moment, but at the end of the week, month and year, if consistently made makes a difference.

Take a $4 cup of coffee for example. $4 on a cup of coffee for the day isn’t a lot. 7 cups of coffee in a week equals $28 (that’s carries a little more value, but you could probably live with it). In a month that adds up to about $120 (30 days), in one year the grand total is $1460 (365 days). You can see that one small purchase adds up over time. If you consider your own personal withdraws and deposits where do you think you health account sits?

Health isn’t about spending all of what you earn, it’s about learning how to build up credit with good small choices done on a daily basis. As you focus on depositing more, withdrawing less and engage in the power of interest, magic will start to happen.

ACTIVITY: Get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. Write at the top, left column DEPOSIT and on the right WITHDRAW and make a list of all the activities, choices, purchases that fit in those categories. Knowing where you are is a powerful in making better decisions going forward.

I’d like to know what you discovered about your health account. What insights did you draw from this activity and what you going to do moving forward? Please leave a comment below.

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