Whose Body Are You Buying Into? 26 Oct 16

What's the Seminar About?

One of the most joyful experiences in life is to feel confident in your own body and live by your definition of beauty and strength. No matter what age or stage of life you’re in, that kind of life is available for everyone who understands the principles of personal authenticity.

In this seminar called Whose Body Are You Buying Into? Aaron invites you to look into the different ways media are sending you false messages about beauty and body image. He will show you some of the techniques used in advertising, and fitness industry insights so you can see images in its true light.

More importantly, Aaron from his years of experience in fitness, health, and personal development will help you break those limiting beliefs that may hold you from loving your body, and living with confidence and strength.

At the end, the purpose of Aaron’s message is to help you love YOUR body, not any body.

Seminar Details

Date: Wednesday 26th October 2016

Time: 7pm-8.30pm

Venue: SG.01 (S Block) University of Waikato

Ticket: $30 per person

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University of Waikato | S Block-Room SG.01