Do We Need Nutritional Supplements? Or is it Expensive Pee?

Our body works 24 hours a day and is working very hard to keep you thriving. Consider how much your body is exposed to stress, pollution, radiation and chemicals. All these (among others) attack the cells in our body. Without enough resources to nourish and protect cells, sooner or later cells will not perform properly and eventually die, resulting in many illnesses.

Many experts advocate that eating healthy food is enough to provide all the essential micronutrients that is required for optimal health. Some even discredit supplementation with very solid facts about quality, potency and formulation. For the most part I agree with their arguments.

However, they fail to recognise that in today’s world our soils are heavily depleted of nutrients. The level of nutrients found in food is a lot less than what it was a generation or two ago. So that means that we would need to eat more fruit and veggies to get the same nutritional value compared to food grown in nutrient rich soil.

With chemicals sprayed on food, preservatives, additives, and food picked long before they’ve had a chance to fully develop, we lose a lot of the nutrients before we even consume it. The research is clear that high-quality health supplements will provide additional resources for cells to thrive and is recommended as a support to proper nutrition. Not every supplement sold is quality. The next question to answer is “What makes a quality supplement?”

The research published in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements showed that most of the 1600 products tested were poor quality (these are mainly found in the supermarket/pharmacy) and only a few were of good to high-quality. To trust that the product I use will benefit my health or my clients, I believe that there are 6 important indications of a high-quality product.

1). The products are formulated by someone expert in cellular nutrition.
2). The company is heavily focused on the nutritional research and implement it in their products.
3). The ingredients used are pure and safe.
4). The manufacturing practices are done under strict health regulations (FDA, GMP approved).
5). The company guarantees that the quantity and ingredients on the label are in the bottle.
6). The products are tested to ensure quality, effectiveness and safety.

It’s important that the products you pick tick these boxes and any others you see fit. That way you can take nutritional supplements with confidence and your cells will have the needed nourishment and protection to give you a high standard of health.

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