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Is Your Health Balance in Debt or Credit?

On the 3rd of January 2018, I had a flash of insight about health. I saw it like a bank account with transactions going in and out. I wrote it down in my insight journal to use as an illustration of how our daily activities affect our “health account”. Here’s what I recorded.

“Health is like a bank account where one can make deposits and withdraws which lead to either a surplus or a deficit. A person’s habits will lead them into debt and in order to be in credit, one must work hard to clear the debt first. Interest also has its place and can be a blessing or curse depending on your spending or saving habits.”

I found it interesting to see a visual of a person’s overall health and how we can make deposits/withdraws into our health account. Each day we make small choices that affect the total balance at the end of the day. Those small choices (positive or negative) will not seem like much in the moment, but at the end of the week, month and year, if consistently made makes a difference.

Take a $4 cup of coffee for example. $4 on a cup of coffee for the day isn’t a lot. 7 cups of coffee in a week equals $28 (that’s carries a little more value, but you could probably live with it). In a month that adds up to about $120 (30 days), in one year the grand total is $1460 (365 days). You can see that one small purchase adds up over time. If you consider your own personal withdraws and deposits where do you think you health account sits?

Health isn’t about spending all of what you earn, it’s about learning how to build up credit with good small choices done on a daily basis. As you focus on depositing more, withdrawing less and engage in the power of interest, magic will start to happen.

ACTIVITY: Get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. Write at the top, left column DEPOSIT and on the right WITHDRAW and make a list of all the activities, choices, purchases that fit in those categories. Knowing where you are is a powerful in making better decisions going forward.

I’d like to know what you discovered about your health account. What insights did you draw from this activity and what you going to do moving forward? Please leave a comment below.

How to Reconnect With Yourself If You’re Feeling Mentally & Emotionally Drained

Are you often feeling overwhelmed, stressed or disconnected with yourself? Our busy lifestyle and modern challenges can often leave us mentally and emotionally drained, losing a sense of our authentic self in the process. My guest Gail has a masters in social work with honors and is an advocate for holistic approaches to wellbeing.

She has over 15 years experience in working with people who are striving to create wholeness in their lives. In this episode she draws on her wisdom as a mother, wife, educator & holistic health practitioner. Gail shares her insights into how aromatherapy can support mental and emotional wellbeing.

Listen in to learn how she supports others to feel connected, reach a higher level of awareness and thrive in their unique self.

I’d love to know what was the major takeaway from Gail’s insights? And a follow up questions is what will do differently to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing?

Please leave your comments below!


To connect with Gail Watene:

FB: @essentialwellbeingwithgailwatene



The 3 R’s of a Healthy Mindset

During the last 6 months of my time as a personal trainer, I noticed 13 distinct patterns of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours among a specific group of individuals. It didn’t matter what diet or physical activity they were engaged in, it didn’t yield lasting results.

I set to find out why this group struggled with motivation, developing and maintaining healthy habits and achieving more permanent outcomes. I discovered was these wonderful individuals who truly believed that they couldn’t lose weight, get healthy or whatever, subconsciously acted in ways that would make their belief a reality.

The real discovery was pointed toward certain events that have happened in the past that changed that persons belief into a negative one (e.g. name calling, bullying or mocking).

These negative events shaped their beliefs about what is possible and what they expected the outcome to be in certain situations. When I work with people with their health & fitness journey, it’s important that they go through the 3 R’s of developing the correct mindset for their success. Recognise, release, refill.

First, they recognise the negative things they are saying about themselves, their body, expectations and what events triggered it. Second, they go through the process of releasing the negative emotions associated with those events. And third, they begin the process of refilling their mind with information that strengthens, uplifts, and inspires them to create new positive beliefs about who they are and what outcomes they wish to achieve.

By identifying and releasing those roadblocks that continually frustrate you, you’re able to free yourself from experiencing the same outcomes and create the opportunity to change your beliefs and actions.

Overcoming Diet Confusion

A question was asked when I was delivering a health seminar a couple of months ago. The common consent from the group was what diet should they follow, considering all the conflicting information out there. There are a number of different philosophies out there including trends like low-fat, high-protein, ketogenic, low-gi, calorie deficiet etc. and it’s easy to get so overwhelmed by all of these experts preaching their program and ideas.

So I thought I’d share in bite size pieces the important principles of health.

This is not a comprehensive discussion about nutrition. This post is to shift your thinking in the right direction.

The first thing that creates confusion and frustration in consuming a healthy diet is the purpose of food. For many, eating to lose weight sends people towards moderate to extreme dieting schemes so they can get results as quick as possible without truly understanding the basics of cellular nutrition. That’s where the confusion comes in. The focus is on methods not principles.

To make it really easy, your body is made up of cells. Your cells have different functions to perform to generate overall health. If those cells are restricted in resources, they can’t do their job. Over time, they stop functioning probably.

Consider the company you work for as a body. It’s made up of different departments that perform specific functions. Every person in the company has a job to do and needs resources to do it, including people in other departments to fulfill their role. When resources are few and demand for output is high, staff will eventually get sick. If the pressure is too much over a sustained period of time, they’ll quit.

The key is resources which means nutrients. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, have energy for your daily needs, you must supply your cells with as much nutrients as possible. Those nutrients (anti-oxidants, minerals and trace minerals) are found in your veggies and fruit.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to force the body to conform by restricting nutrients and in return the body rebels. It thinks their is a lack so it goes into survival mode (that’s the complete opposite of what you want). By thinking nutrient-focus, you’ll think about getting as much variety of vegetables (resources) as you possibly can in each meal. The more resources the better.

From now on think of consuming nutrient dense food instead of calorie restriction. Think of eating to supply your body with resources to function properly. Focus on health first then your other desires (fit, strong, lean) will come.

Do We Need Nutritional Supplements? Or is it Expensive Pee?

Our body works 24 hours a day and is working very hard to keep you thriving. Consider how much your body is exposed to stress, pollution, radiation and chemicals. All these (among others) attack the cells in our body. Without enough resources to nourish and protect cells, sooner or later cells will not perform properly and eventually die, resulting in many illnesses.

Many experts advocate that eating healthy food is enough to provide all the essential micronutrients that is required for optimal health. Some even discredit supplementation with very solid facts about quality, potency and formulation. For the most part I agree with their arguments.

However, they fail to recognise that in today’s world our soils are heavily depleted of nutrients. The level of nutrients found in food is a lot less than what it was a generation or two ago. So that means that we would need to eat more fruit and veggies to get the same nutritional value compared to food grown in nutrient rich soil.

With chemicals sprayed on food, preservatives, additives, and food picked long before they’ve had a chance to fully develop, we lose a lot of the nutrients before we even consume it. The research is clear that high-quality health supplements will provide additional resources for cells to thrive and is recommended as a support to proper nutrition. Not every supplement sold is quality. The next question to answer is “What makes a quality supplement?”

The research published in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements showed that most of the 1600 products tested were poor quality (these are mainly found in the supermarket/pharmacy) and only a few were of good to high-quality. To trust that the product I use will benefit my health or my clients, I believe that there are 6 important indications of a high-quality product.

1). The products are formulated by someone expert in cellular nutrition.
2). The company is heavily focused on the nutritional research and implement it in their products.
3). The ingredients used are pure and safe.
4). The manufacturing practices are done under strict health regulations (FDA, GMP approved).
5). The company guarantees that the quantity and ingredients on the label are in the bottle.
6). The products are tested to ensure quality, effectiveness and safety.

It’s important that the products you pick tick these boxes and any others you see fit. That way you can take nutritional supplements with confidence and your cells will have the needed nourishment and protection to give you a high standard of health.

To know what brand I trust, click here.

How to Deal with Your Inner “Becky” w/ Tiffany Matthews

“Becky” has been causing a lot of trouble in Tiffany’s world. Becky is the name my guest Tiffany Matthews (@healthywealthywonderful) has given to her inner-critic. Whenever we’re striving to achieve our goals, Becky will try and stop you from making it happen. If you’re struggling to get Becky to shut up, then this episode is for you!

I had the great privilege of speaking to entrepreneur and health coach Tiffany Matthews. We spoke of a number of different topics and these are the top 3 that stood out for me (to get the details, you’ll have to listen to the podcast, which you can download the app on your phone or subscribe via iTunes if you want to listen on the go).

Is Your Plate Too Full?

Tiffany’s personal experience of doing too much captures similar feelings for most individuals. She said to me “the more I pile on my plate, the less space I have.” That simple description enlightened me. Think of the difference between a quality restaraunt and you local smorgasbord/takeaway. It’s quality vs. quantity. The more you do the less quality you can give, the more you wear yourself out and end up stressed and sick.

Tiffany’s solution is to set your important priorities and match incoming request to these priorities. Learning to say no is one of the most important things you can do. Saying no doesn’t make you less of a person. Set your 3 important tasks for the day and anything you get done after that is a bonus.

Who is Becky?

Becky is the label/name Tiffany has given to her inner-critic. We all have an inner-critic that loves to tell us all the reasons why we can’t do something. Tiffany noticed the pattern that people say they can’t do X because they’re Y. An example was a mum who wants to play at the beach in her togs with her kids, but can’t because she’s not at her ideal weight yet.

An actionable solution is an affirmation that mixes both a postive statement and a current “flaw”. “I am a succesful entrepreneur and I have a messy car.” Too me, it allows you to confirm that you are a success and it’s okay that you might have a thing that makes you uncomfortable going on at the same time. It shows optimism and vision with it being a mere fantasy that you’re completely perfect and that success equals zero flaws.

Going on an Information Detox

The last insight that was expressed was unfollowing anyone or anything that triggers your inner-critic. This is especially true if you’re striving to achieve a physique that you’d feel confident in. Following people or channels that make you feel insecure, doubtful and negative will only feed your inner-critic. The best detox is freeing yourself from those kinds of toxins.


What insights stood out to you in this week’s episode? I’d love to know so please leave a comment. You can connect with Tiffany on Instagram and Facebook with the handle @healthywealthywonderful and gain more insights into becoming the best version of YOU you can become.


4 Important Attitudes You Need to Master to Change Your Body

Media and marketing have made their message clear that if you want to change your body, you need to do physical things like exercise, eat healthily and sleep (recover). However all those physical activities are driven by our internal world first before they are manifest physically, and if these 4 attributes are not thriving within you, it doesn’t matter what you do physically.

It’s all part of the Personal Creation Sequence that I’ve created to help my clients understand how their inner-environment creates their physical reality. I’ve found from personal experience that creating a positive physical change in your body requires you to have mastered these 4 attitudes.


I’ll start with the hardest one first. Growth and change require time. Period! I’ve shared that you can’t plant a seed in the ground and rip it up one week later demanding fruit. The world has shaped us to believe that success is fast and easy. Sorry, I won’t get a lot of likes for this, but it takes time and work. There is a divine timing in all things that grow and you can’t demand it to speed up or slow down.

The two things I really suggest is that you forget time or deadlines in improving your physique and focus on the work that needs to be done. Change is a byproduct of work and since you can’t change time, there is no point focusing on trying to achieve something in the shortest amount of time possible.

If your value is invested in looking good by a certain time then you’re really going to be frustrated for most of your journey… if you last. Invest your energy in being patient with yourself and with the process and let the work naturally move you along.


Your actions are a reflection of your attitude and beliefs. Optimism isn’t a shallow happiness/positivity outlook, it’s the surety that you can achieve what you envision and from that confidence, you act to bring it about. Whenever you doubt, become pessimistic or lack the certainty that your vision is going to be a reality, you will stop doing the work. And if you stop and start all the time, is there any wonder why you haven’t been successful?

Decide to be certain with your vision, if you beginning to doubt, stop and consciously decide to remain committed and faithful to the end.

Patience and optimism go together. You must be certain that it will happen and patient to allow the process to take you there.


Improving your physique requires you to focus on the work that needs to be done today. The thing about the word work is that it can be associated with long, dreadful activities but it’s not. To work means that when you’re engaged in any activity, do it with your absolute best effort that you can give in that moment. It’s to remove your mind from the past and the future and center it in the present moment.

Whatever you do, do it with your best effort and be satisfied with it. Some days you’ll have real positive outcomes and some days you’ll be flat. That’s just the way it is, so don’t worry about it. Just do your best in the moment and you can be assured that it will all work out in the end.


The last attitude you need to have wrapped like a blanket is compassion. Don’t be hard on yourself, be kind to any mistakes that you make. I’d always tell my clients that every slip-up or mistake that you make is educational and should be treated as such. The health and fitness industry has put it into our minds that we must be perfect every day. What a stupid message. You run your own unique race, no one has your body, your life experience and spiritual DNA.

When you’re hard on yourself, do you think it will make you any better? No, no, no, no! If you go off the rails for a week or didn’t stick to your plan for a meal, your whole journey isn’t over nor has that activity shut you out of “physique heaven”. Just carry on. There are days ahead remember!

What attitude do you feel you need more of on your journey and which attitude have you mastered? Leave your comment below and if you liked this post please share it.

The Mindset You Need to Change Your Body w/ Alee Baytan

If you’re trying to figure out how to stop comparing yourself to others during your weight loss journey and stay focused, this post is for you.

I had the priviledge of interviewing Entreprenuer, Beachbody Master Trainer, Social Media Dynamite, Mother of 2 (currently 31 weeks with her second child), Alee Baytan (@domoredaily). She’s been through the challenges that come from dealing with her body image in a fitness environment.

She shares how personal development is the key to her transformation. Reading or listening to people who kept her focused on her goals, changed the way she thought about her limiting beliefs and pushed her to grow was the difference between success and failure.

Alee share a lot of insights like “every woman should embrace their OWN journey”, celebrating all the small victories through to her mental preparation to keep the focus on what she needs to stay on track. I love two of her instagram post and had a chance to have her explain it in more detail. “Stop fighting yourself and start fighting for yourself” and “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we’re captivated by purpose”.

I’m not going to giveaway all of what she’s shared, listen/download the podcast and listen. I’d love to know what stood out to you during my interview with Alee? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Have a great day!


[Video] How Body Image is Directly Linked to Your Thoughts

Have you wondered how you ended up liking or disliking the way your body looks?

I had the privilege of speaking at Trustpower about the root cause of how people end up with a negative view of their body.

I share my Personal Creation Sequence (not labelled at the time) that demonstrates how the view of our body and physical appearance is a direct link to our thoughts. What we absorb as information among other things on a daily basis starts the process of it becoming a reality.

By understanding what drives your current behavior around your body and health journey will allow you to change it in the direction you want to go.

I will explain more in the video. A big thank you to Trustpower for allowing me to share this portion of the presentation.

What You Can Do When Life is Suffocating Your Happiness

If you’re having one of those moments where you feel the life is suffocating the happiness out of you, then you’ve come to the right place!

I had a conversation with a friend who expressed how stressed out life has been and sadly how changing it wasn’t an option. I shared from personal experience 3 principles, that helped me break free from my own personal dungeon. Without putting everything into context, I’m going to jump straight into it.

1. Get the Stress Out of Your Head

I asked my friend to try this simple exercise. Get a sheet of paper and draw a line in the middle of it. Write on the left column My problem(s), and on the right Possible Solutions. List what is going on in your life that is causing you to feel stressed or perplexed. On the right side consider any and all possible solutions that you can do to resolve the issue.

I wish to point out is that it doesn’t really matter what those answers are. They can be distant answers, as in, you’ll need to take multiple steps to get to that point or they could be, small answers like talk to person who bothers me at work. The process of it will help you shift your thinking from dwelling in stress to resolving it. When you’ve got your possible solutions down on your paper, do the next step.

2. Decide and Act

The key to exiting the suffocation of life is making decisions and acting. Nothing changes unless you change, and change doesn’t happen unless you decide to do something and follow through. The reason why I have you write down possible solutions is so you can decide to act. As you take small steps on a consistent basis, the more momentum you will gain.

Second, is that your consistent action will either attract opportunities to secure your desired outcome or through your action, you will create opportunities. The reason why decision-making and action is the key, is because we will spend all our energy thinking, reliving, expanding our stress in our head, never actually doing anything about it, just torturing ourselves with it. Action releases the choke hold that engulfed stress grasps.

3. Respect the Law of Gestation

What in the doo-dacky is that? Everything has a divine time appointed for its overall development. Trees, fruit, vegetables etc each have their own time frame for growth and outcome. You can’t mess with it. Yes you can add special sauce to the soil and provide the optimal environment. It will help a little but not remove that divine time line.

My point? Change takes time, results take time. You can’t plant a seed in the ground and rip it out one week later demanding fruit! I urge you to remove your timetable from the natural course of things. It will only make you frustrated. Keep moving and doing what you can to cause change to take place and in due time, you will see the fruit of your work.

Believe that you can change and that life can change for you. You are more than capable of beating life’s challenges.

I love to you what you think, please leave a comment below and share what decisions you’re going to make to change your life for the better.