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Are You Getting in the Way of Your Own Progress?

Are you too afraid to take action because you’re afraid of what others may think? Do you talk yourself out of doing something that’s important to you because you think about all of the negative things that could happen?

If that’s you then this episode is here to give you the courage to overcome your fear!

That’s an interesting question to ask yourself, “Am I getting in the way of my own progress?” My guest Fraser Cameron dives into that question and how the majority are living with too much fear.

Fraser who is a Transformation Coach in Auckland, NZ shares in this episode how we’re held back by fear and how a person can feel fear and act in spite of it.

He shares 3 key tips that have helped his clients overcome fear, gain momentum in their life and feel confident to achieve things they thought were impossible.

You can check out Fraser’s website or find him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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