5 Major Questions That Can Change Your Life Now!

Is life taking a funny turn and you feel you’re on the wrong path? Or do you wake up one day and wonder how did I get here? These 5 questions will help you get back on track!

Life can really take us on a ride. Well, I suppose we often choose the paths that lead us towards things we want or don’t want in life. However, most daily decisions are small and may seem insignificant. The thing to consider is that small decisions can compound and without realising it, you could be stranded on a road that’s not where you want to be.

These turn off’s apply to every aspect of our life and these 5 questions can help you get those areas back in alignment again.

1. What will I embrace?

We’re constantly surrounded by information that is indirectly and directly influencing our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. From the amount of time you spend on social media, the friends you associate with, to the music you listen to, it will have a positive or negative influence on the way you live your life.

This question will help you consider what kind of influence and information do you want to absorb and surround yourself with? Is it uplifting, inspiring, wholesome or negative, destructive, cynical? It’s a great question to ask because it can help you assess whether you have any influences that need to get in or out of your life.

2. What will I believe?

As you know, our beliefs drive our actions. If the results your experiencing of late aren’t what you want, there will be a created belief that’s driving that outcome. This questions is your opportunity to define what it is that you what to happen so you can focus your energies into making it into a belief.

3. What will I say?

Self-talk has a major effect on what we believe, how we view ourselves and our life experience. Do you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself? If you drop something, have you said out loud “Stupid idiot!”? We’ve all done it from time to time. The more we speak in that manner about ourselves, the more we make it come true. This question will help you consider if the way you speak to yourself or to others is how you wish to be remembered, treated and influenced.

4. What will I let go?

We all have events in our lives or habits that are holding us back from really experiencing joy and happiness. Yet, we tend to hold on to these experiences and drag it where ever we go. As difficult as it maybe, to let go of things that keep you unhappy shows that you’re no longer give that experience permission to exercise power over you. Your ability to let go shows strength in your character and you’re retaking that power back.

Whatever needs to change, let go, forgive or made amends to anything that weighs you down is worth the effort to secure a future of freedom and joy.

5. What will be my intention?

Our actions are driving by the power of our intention. Have you ever met someone who acts like you’re friends but you tell it’s all fake? The intention behind the behaviours gives it away right? However, when we do things in life, what power drives it? Love or hate? Fear or courage? Excitement or boredom? Each positive or negative intention will influence the outcome of your actions.

If you’re dieting out of fear or shame, how long do you think that’s going to last? If it’s driven because you love how you feel inside or you enjoy the extra energy, health benefits etc. You’ll stick to it for a longer period of time and hopefully for the rest of your life.


These questions are designed to help you assess where you are, where you want to go, and what you can change to head in the right direction. It’s a great self-assessment tool in moments of reflection to make sure you’re happy with the path you’re on. My recommendation is to answer these questions with compassion and patience. It’s not scolding session, it’s an insightful and revelatory experience. By asking the right questions, you’ll receive the right answers.

Question: Which question stood out to you and what was the first answer that came to you? Leave your comments below or email aaron@aaronosman.com 


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