Aaron is on a mission to share the principles, insights and how-to’s of achieving personal success. Aaron has had a tremendous amount of life experience that has enabled him to help his clients and groups understand the power that is within them to rise above the mediocre mindset that plagues the world.

Gaining recognition as a motivational and inspirational speaker, Aaron spends time with individuals, groups and companies encouraging each person to take a stand and be confident and courageous in their decision to live a better life.

Aaron’s life changed when life wasn’t the best as a husband and father. Underweight, sick, poor and with low self-esteem, Aaron began to learn from the best motivational speakers in the world. The application of what he has learnt helped him gain a number of achievements and it has inspired him to live his dream of becoming one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

Aaron’s success in health and fitness has afforded him opportunities communicate that everything begins and ends with your mind. “The thoughts you generate and consistently engage in become your own self-fullfiled prophecy. It is therefore important to spend your energy visualising your best future self, have courage and confidence that you can obtain it, and focus your actions on getting the job done.”

This website is dedicated to sharing Aaron’s philosophies and experiences on achieving personal success and divine potential.

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Athletic Strength & Conditioning

If you’re an elite athlete or aspiring to become one. You will excel through specific exercises and biomechanical enhancements that will quickly increase your speed, strength, power and agility. With personalised instruction and training, nothing gets more elite than this!

Personal Training for Building Mass

One on one training where you will have all the education, direction and exercises that will accelerate you toward your goal! I’ve been through the process and know the hidden principles that govern building muscle. Learn the principles, experience the results.

Live Speaking Events

The reality of your success is determined by your mental blueprint. The journey is difficult with the wrong blueprint. Learn what governs success as I speak to you in a small group or a large conference. Walk away designing the right blueprint, and understand how to live with clarity, power and determination.

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Aaron really knows his stuff, since I have started training with him I have noticed vast improvements in all aspects of my fitness from martial art technique to strength and agility, I definitely recommend anybody that really wants to up their game and get serious about their training to go see Aaron!

Scott Higby Mixed Martial Arts

I joined Aaron to lose weight and get back into shape post-pregnancy. Aaron is amazing! He alwayys pushed me to find new limits and made each training session interesting and worthwhile. Thanks to Aaron I have a new found confidence and knowledge for using weights in the gym. I can definitely say I have achieved my initials fitness aims. Thank you for the patience and early morning workouts.! :)

Kayla Smith Weight Loss Post-Pregnancy


Aaron Osman

Strength & Conditioning Coach

62 Church Road

Pukete 3200


New Zealand

P: 07 847 2436

M: 021 044 0880

E: aaron@aaronosman.com

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