What Will You Say at the End of Your Life?


Imagine it’s your 75th, 80th, 85th birthday could you say that you have had the best life ever? Could you say that you lived and experienced everything good, wholesome and beautiful? Can you say that you have conquered your fears throughout life, stretched and grown into all that you could be? And can you say that your life impacted, inspired and helped those in your path?

I ask this of you to consider what kind of life you’re living now. Are you on the path that you would be proud to share with others or are you living below your privileges? I’ve met so many people full of stress, negativity, conformity and mediocrity. They work for a company that brings them no fulfilment or satisfaction, their health is in jeopardy, they’re not living to their fullest potential. They waste their time online looking for distractions to keep their reality away from them. When I’ve met with them and showed them a way out they immediately shut it down, fear takes a hold of them like chains and with its strength binds them from breaking free.

When I show them the steps to break free they just can’t seem to take that step OR say it’s not for me. Puzzled I often pondered WHY! Why is the pain of your present condition something you want to have around you? If you’re in pain is it not logical to stop doing what is causing the pain in the first place?

Now I understand the details of an individual. I’m not naive to think that it’s easy to take steps into the unknown, but one thing I can say from personal experience is that the unknown is far better than the pain of present circumstances. After so many years of living in fear I have learnt that nothing will change unless I do. I can’t change my environment unless I do something different.

The most powerful thing in my life is the moment I make a decision to change and commit to it. Change is one decision away. One decision with a commitment to action that decision is what liberates us from fear or binds us to it.

If your live isn’t where it should be I invite you to make a decision to stop doing what brings negativity into your life and commit to changing it. Live your life with joy, fight for it, stand up and become immovable in your dreams. Decide on what you want and spend your time becoming the person that will attract it into your life. Are you going to continue to live in fear? Will you have your life robbed of precious experiences, memories and triumphs so when you actually experience your 75th birthday you can reflect and say I’m so glad I made the decision to stop living an average life and through the fight to get what I wanted in life, I am happy that I have become someone that is liberated and freed many along my way.